Our in-depth investigations for Gradient International (GI) Analyst Research center on uncovering insights that we believe are related to future share price performance. By meticulously applying our niche expertise and knowledge, we uncover issues not likely to be discovered by most sell-side or buy-side analysts.

We deeply into areas such as accruals and cash flow properties; earnings sustainability; balance sheet strength and capital structure viability; foreign exchange effects, domiciled market reporting, and disclosure anomalies; valuation in light of sustainable earnings; and balance sheet robustness, corporate governance, and executive behavior.

Coverage Gradient International offers three broad geographic areas of coverage: (1) UK and Western Europe issuers; (2) issuers domiciled in Japan, Canada, Australia, UK, Western Europe or Hong Kong, and (3) issuers in developing countries in Asia, Latin/Central America, Eastern Europe, or Africa.

The rotation of reports by region varies from month to month in relation to reporting period disclosure dates.

As with our analysis of US-traded companies, Gradient International’s focus is on quality and in-depth research of complex issues. our international reports include company-specific Alerts, Snapshots, and Notes.

  • GI Alerts announce the initiation of coverage of a particular company. Each Alert contains a grade (using an A to F scale) that considers earnings quality and fundamental- and valuation-based signals in formulating an overall positive or negative view about the company’s future stock returns.
  • GI Snapshots leverage the signals generated by our proprietary screens that our analysts use to determine Earnings Quality metrics of interest. Ratings of Positive, Neutral or Negative are assigned to summarize our perspective of noteworthy Earnings Quality metrics.
  • GI Research Notes provide updates on previous coverage and are generally published after earnings announcements, financial statement filings, or other noteworthy events.