Earnings Quality Analytics (EQA) delivers comprehensive forensic accounting and corporate governance analysis of widely held public companies. Our highly qualified and credentialed analyst team leverages the latest academic research and our proprietary quantitative models in a rigorous two-step process.

We identify companies with improving or deteriorating earnings quality characteristics before those characteristics are fully manifested in a company’s stock price.

Then we use an array of proprietary quantitative tools with objective financial statement analysis to measure the quality and sustainability of a firm’s reported earnings.

EQA research manifests in a series of company-specific Alerts, Snapshots, and Notes.

  • EQA Alerts announce the initiation of coverage of a particular company.  Each Alert contains a grade (using an A to F scale) that considers earnings quality, fundamental and valuation-based signals in formulating an overall positive or negative view about the company’s future stock returns.
  • EQA Snapshots leverage the signals generated by our proprietary screens that our analysts use to determine Earnings Quality metrics of interest. Following a brief review of the signals, ratings of Positive, Neutral or Negative are assigned to summarize our perspective of noteworthy Earnings Quality metrics.
  • EQA Research Notes are updates on previous coverage and are generally published after earnings announcements, financial statement filings, or other noteworthy events.

Thematic accounting issues pertinent to multiple companies or sectors are covered in our Issue Commentary reports.