About Us


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Gradient Analytics is an independent research firm and a wholly owned subsidiary of Sabrient Systems, LLC. We provide analyst-written, qualitative research reports on global equities and, in our first collaboration with Sabrient, a quantitative earnings quality rank. Our research is relied upon by mutual fund, hedge fund, and other professional money managers.

We also provide consulting services to institutional clients, delivering insights into the financial, operational and management performance of publicly traded companies that are not under active coverage within Gradient's subscription-based analyst services.

Our History

Gradient Analytics was founded in October 1996, by Dr. Carr Bettis, Dr. Donn Vickrey and Stephanie Bettis. From 1996 to 2002, under its original brand, Camelback Research Alliance, Gradient developed numerous quantitative products and systems for partners such as Primark/Disclosure (now a part of Thomson Reuters), Microsoft Corporation, Fidelity, and Credit Suisse (AG). Under the direction of Dr. Vickrey, in 2002, Gradient began offering analyst written research reports, and the company was rebranded Gradient Analytics.

In 2011, the Gradient business unit responsible for all analyst-driven reports and services was acquired by Sabrient Systems, LLC. The acquisition included all analysts, sales, and client relationship management personnel and the Gradient brand, which is synonymous with the highest quality and most in-depth independent research reports.